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Cancer needs a cure! Please help in any way you can.

We are grateful that you are considering contributing to our effort in the fight against cancer with the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center.
Although Diane and I have not had to think much recently about the day to day effects cancer has on us, the bottom line is that the potential is still there. The care and compassion we recieved at DHMC is unmatched. There is a common goal of fighting to keep ahead of the storm that keeps on coming.
The Friends of Norris Cotton help to keep that fight going. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps to insure that cancer patients and their families have an easier time dealing with the extra problems the disease brings.
I am always reluctant to keep coming back to the same doners to ask for help, but the bottom line is that the need is still there. Any amount, however small, helps in the battle.
I will be riding this year to recognize the ones yet to be diagnosed and helped. It may be someone you love. Please consider donating to my ride for the cure!

Cancer is a disease that essentially makes your cells turn against you— normal cells glitch and begin to replicate uncontrollably and invade other tissues, forming tumors. But if caught early enough, many cancers are treatable. Cancer treatments take's a toll on the body, both physically and emotionally. The mission of the FNCCC is to support the work of Norris Cotton Cancer Center by raising funds for cancer research and patient supportive services.

If you know anyone else that may be drawn to this cause, please share it!
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