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For Participant and Rider

Your acceptance is indicated by pressing the "I agree" button. This constitutes your "digital signature" and is legally binding. If you are under 18 years of age, YOUR LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST PROCESS THIS FORM.

In consideration of my participation in The Green Mountain Motorcycle Ride, I hereby agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, legatees, executors, administrators, and personal representatives, to release the organizers and volunteers involved in the planning, organizing and operation of The Green Mountain Motorcycle Ride from liability for injury to me or my property caused by their negligence. I intend that the effect of this release shall be to release such organizers and volunteers from any liability to me arising from their failure, in any way, to use reasonable care in their activities pertaining to The Green Mountain Motorcycle Ride. If I am under the age of eighteen years, then this release shall be signed on my behalf by my parent or guardian. All participants must wear a helmet.

By signing this release, I acknowledge that all riders are required to wear a helmet that meets DOT and SNELL requirements during the entire ride. I give my full permission for use of my name and photograph in connection with this event.
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